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registry of biomedical companies

  July 21, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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US BioMedicine Research Group

Princeton, NJ 08544, U.S.A.
United States of America, New Jersey
Toll free: Systemic Medicine Group

Phone: http://biomedicine.cn
Fax: Physician-Scientist Career

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Deep Blue Ocean Strategy for EmpireHealthCare Project

US BioMedicine Research Group www.biomedicine.us set up Patient-Focused Health Care System for HealthCare Services to fulfill Empire Medical Criterion to consummate top benefit to patient as Empire End User gain well out of Optimal Model of Living and Environmental Medicine being a critical factor to achieve perfect care system practicing on Taihu Lake Byland Bay of Wuxi in China where it will be superexcellently practicable for such optimization of system design with workable multidisciplinary approach and application including 6 Business Systems plus 2 Operating Systems in interactive interconnection model into ingenious Business Model to shape up Global One Stop Integrated Lifestyle Medicine System as EmpireHealthCare Project which can further spontaneously accrue unequaled endogenous force in double lever action to interactively stimulate and enlarge multi synergistic effect to well form into superexcellent Economies of Scale together with Recurring Multi-Revenue Models as entire Business Plan to ultimately empower to cover full treatment solution and health recovery for various Chronic diseases and sub-health conditions which is just for Human Optimal LifeStyle After Health Recovery on locale to emerge as LifeStyle Medicine Park: http://biomedicine.us/pdf/LMP.pdf

1. Den'quelle Systems Cancer Clinical Center
2. Den'quelle Systems Cancer Hospital
3. Den'quelle Systems Chronic Disease Center
4. Den'quelle Systems Health Center
5. Den'quelle Systems Aged Care Center
6. Den'quelle Systems Resort Center

EmpireHealthCare Project will first initiate epoch-making medical innovation with brand-new appearance for Biological Molecular Therapeutics is met without side effect, drug resistance and invading treatment which we regard it as Empire Medical Criterion. Our customers and patients as Tailor-Made End User can share medical A-Team which is made up more 10 group scientists and doctors by project Integrated Systemic Medicine Group and locale clinical Systemic Therapists as Physician-Scientists and doctors for One Stop Multi-Diseases Package Solution through SCOLS Telemedicine & Consultation. In the meantime, end users can further share 8th「Service」System for Follow-Up Care Program with One-On-One Service and 7th「Promotion」System for "Health-Leisure-Travel Plan" together with “Medical Tourism Program". Project customers as Empire End User will enjoy global unique tiptop healthcare and lifestyle in the lifetime.

The difference between Global BP and Chinese BP

Globally, in general, when it comes to BP, it means Business Plan, however, in China, it essentially refers to Business Project. Because of any business plan without government's approval, they can not turn to be projects, and only projects with government's approval could be allowed financing through attracting global investment. Therefore, Chinese BP is Chinese Business Project, but not just Chinese Business Plan which is not existing in China. Further Details in http://biomedicine.us/pdf/Critical_Report_CN_HealthCare.htm

Now, our Chinese Business Plan as Global One Stop Integrated Lifestyle Medicine System have been approved by Chinese government into Chinese Business Project as Den'quelle Chinese Healthcare BP to establish Den'quelle Hospital healthcare System of Taihu Lake Byland Bay, Inc. independently through US BioMedicine Research Group Corporation, Delaware, U.S.A..

In China, it is almost impossbile for sizeable healthcare BP to be approved by Chinese government, specially involving in foreign capital investment. Therefore, we, Den'quelle Chinese Healthcare BP, almost will be global capital largest entrance into Chinese healthcare markets.

In the 1980, five BioMedicine Ph.D. specialists come of National Research Institute organize a R&D team of 6 men as BioMedicine Research Lab in Princeton, U.S.A. Meantime between 15 years before 1990, In response to the growing demands for related fundamental & Applied Scientific Research, the lab slowly convene and further organize 65 best excellent scientific research units into complete Systems Biology to establish US BioMedicine Research Group Corporation for international top outsourcing team to support biomedicine research of biotech pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Specially, from 1990, we undertake outsourcing biomedicine research with Cytothesis BioEngineering Research Group as http://genelife.net and VirusDecoder BioMedicine Group as http://virusdecoder.com to identify their mediformula performance and efficacy. Meantime, for global healthcare industry development, we further found affiliated company as Den'quelle BioMedicine Group ( http://denquelle.com ) for outreach fulfillment of applied science of Systems Biology to overcome bottleneck and barrier of conventional medicine to disease solution.

Human Systems Biology Group

US Biomedicine Research Group has dedicated itself to the research of human systems biology since 1980, aiming at providing a total solution to human healthcare problems. Simultaneously with interdisciplinary bioinformatics, we were to establish a research group for Activity of Biology & Cytopathology with a focus on releasing CytoDynamics (cellular dynamics). As of 2000, our commitment to life science has made it successful to bring human beings a total solution for tailored healthcare.

The approach and the application out of the result of our R&D can be understood from the perspective of biological system. It is worked at molecular level for pharmacophore findings and structure-based drug discovery, so as to develop Biological Medical Devices of molecular-based diagnostics and therapeutics. This approach is involved in conducting signaling pathways proteins , pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, hemodynamics, biorheology, and biodistribution studies in the early stage of drug development, in order to support rational design of dosing regimens for preclinical efficacy, toxicology studies, and clinical trials. It integrates the physiological and molecular understanding of the role of cellular processes and cytothesis during the maintenance of the state of health, and the treatment of diseases, respectively. As molecular medicine holds the promise of checking the progress of disease, regenerative medicine seeks to restore body function to normal physiology as far as possible.

The group has embedded bioscience together with bioengineering into the R&D milestone for four major programs: fundamental research, applied research, biopharmaceuticals, and group medicine. As of 2002, our commitment to life science has made it successful to bring human beings a total solution of tailored healthcare: it is tailored biopharmaceuticals that consists of BioMedical PolyPeptide GlycoProteins & botanical/herbal glycosides MediFormula as human biological response modifiers & rectifiers. Successful development of Life MediFormula involves achievement of GTP-binding proteins: regulatory proteins act as molecular switches and G-protein-couple receptors (GPCRS) are the largest group of cellular targets for conventional therapeutics.

The existence of Parity Non-Conservation and
Non-Cooperative Equilibrium in Human Biology

The approach of "Parity Non-Conservation" and "Non-Cooperative Equilibrium" has been existed in human biology indicating a non-conservative and non-cooperative binding-response behavior of human biological activity and processing. The theory "Parity Non-Conservation" (from Mr. Chen-Ning Yang and Mr. Tsung-Dao Lee who won the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 1957) is demonstrated in a famous experiment by Mrs. Chien-Shiung Wu to approve the theory for important discoveries regarding the elementary particles of atoms. The theory "Non-Cooperative Equilibrium" is approved in game theory the best response during sequential occurrence by Dr. John Fornes Nash Jr. who won the Nobel Prize Laureate 1994 in Economic Sciences.

For more than 20 years, we have used these approach as pathogenetic principle that leads to findings of symptoms and diseases entities over all random choices of biological activities and responses, of cytopathogenic latency and reaction through a specific link identified by the Group over all links of biological processes and networks. It is with such biological findings and identification as drivers to develop Global Group Medicine which performs molecular-based diagnostics and therapeutics to customers (patients), and to achieve total healthcare solution presented by Life MediFormula that acts as modifiers and rectifiers to human biological response.

Global Diagnostics and Therapeutics

After two decade's biological science research, Global Group Medicine has made bioinformatics into its diagnostics as an Assembler Collating BioPlatform where biosystems of disease symptoms and causes interact. Medical professionals of Global Group Medicine conduct diagnostics for patients via telemedicine with Personal Health Survey (PHS) as individual medical record to develop personal-tailored prescription from our tailored Biopharmaceuticals known as Life MediFormula.

Total Solution of Tailored HealthCare and Disease

Diseases do not occur without any underlying causes. To put it simply, diseases and symptoms are results of underlying causes. Causes may originate from biological activities and processes varied in different forms. Symptoms are expressions signaling to our bodies to defend them; however, complete recovery only will occur when underlying causes are identified and removed. Life MediFormula is the achievement of treating underlying causes to cure diseases completely, whereas chemical drugs treat only symptoms or alleviate pain temporarily. What worse made by chemical drugs to our bodies are side effect and drug resistance. Life MediFormula is biotechnology-derived alternative medicine as uniquely decodable code, which decodes diseases with no known side effect with biological efficacy and that has been studied and demonstrated.

Our mission is to create life-force values for customers by preserving customer's good state of health through our tailored biopharmaceuticals and group medicine services of disease symptom analysis and solution. We are committed to satisfying customers for their needs of health in particular, for poorly or unmet medical needs under the current healthcare system. http://biomedicine.us

LifeStyle Medicine Park
Systems Biology → Systemic Medicine → Integrated Medicine → TeleMedicine: Systemic Consultation On-Line Synchronism (SCOLS) → Physician-Scientist Career Pipeline → Patient-Focused Health Care System → Empire Medical Criterion → Empire End User → EmpireHealthCare Project → HealthCare+Hospital+Hotel+Travel+Leisure+Golf+Yacht Program in The Optimal Model of Living and Environmental Medicine → LifeStyle Medicine Park → The LifeStyle After Health Recovery
Empire Medical Criterion ‧ www.EmpireHealthCare.Net ‧ Empire End User

# Code Feature Organization
Business Systems
Patient-Focused Health Care System
1. DS.CCC 「R & D」System Den'quelle Systems Cancer Clinical Center
2. DS.CH 「Treatment」System Den'quelle Systems Cancer Hospital
3. DS.CDC 「Healing」System Den'quelle Systems Chronic Disease Center
4. DS.HC 「Prevention」System Den'quelle Systems Health Center
5. DS.ACC 「Longevity」System Den'quelle Systems Aged Care Center
6. DS.RC 「Leisure」System Den'quelle Systems Resort Center
Operating Systems
International Service Office (ISO)
7. DS.HLT 「Promotion」System Den'quelle Systems Health-Leisure-Travel Agency
8. DS.LeL 「Service」System Den'quelle Systems Lifetime-e-Lifestyle (LeL)

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