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registry of biomedical companies

  July 05, 2020
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Techservice Group

Respublikanskaya 17b
Khabarovsk 680023

Phone: 7-4212-36-18-05
Fax: 7-4212-36-18-20

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Techservice Group is located in Khabarovsk and Komsomosk-on-Amur, Far-Eastern part of Russia. Our main business is complex supplying of regional companies involved in forest exploitation, wood processing and has offices in main cities of the Far-East.
Company was found in 1994 and is present on market for 10 years already, our staff is now 175 people, total amount of sales in 2003 was 10 000 000 US dollars. We are the representatives of many Russian and foreign companies, among them: Husqvarna (Sweden) and Oregon (USA).
Our company is offering to your consideration a natural bioactive flavonoid – taxifolin (international name). We are looking for a partner for establishing a joint venture for manufacturing, promoting and selling taxifolin.
Our project consists of 3 stages:
Stage 1. Joint promotion and selling of Taxifolin on Japanese, European, American and other markets. Today a manufacture of taxifolin exists with the level of production – 3 tons a year. So we invite you to co-operation in promoting and selling taxifolin on a world market.
Stage 2. In 2005, Techservice Group plans to improve manufacture to the level of production of taxifolin – 3-6 tons a year. Project cost is 2.3 million US dollars, pay-back period is 12 months. So we invite you to participate in improving a manufacture and selling of taxifolin.
Stage 3. After pay-back of a project we plan to expand the production to the level of 30 tons a year.
For the first time in the Far East of Russia production of taxifolin (3000 kg per year) was organized.
Taxifolin is recognized as the most important source of P-vitamin, most effectively supporting human vital activity. Although a great demand on this product is present in the world, world market is almost empty: Taxifolin made by US, Canadian and French companies is available in minimal quantities and is extremely expensive – 150-540 US dollars per gram, in Sigma catalog (the leading company in selling taxifolin), the price is 1010 euro per gram. The reasons for such a high level of prices are – lack of resources, with a high level of flavonoids, also high price for the technology.
We possess a unique, patented technology of obtaining taxifolin in a native form, allowing to process big volumes of raw materials, at a low cost and with the purity level of 92% and higher.
Advantages of this technology are:
1. It allows to produce taxifolin many times cheaper.
2. End product has a native structure, otherwise – undisturbed natural structure.
3. Availability to process high volumes of raw materials and to work with highly concentrated solvents.
4. Manufacturing lead-time is much shorter(7.5 hours versus 1-2 days).
5. Kinetics of extraction of flavanoid is much higher (3-5 minutes versus 24 hours).
Russia possesses extremely valuable raw materials for taxifolin manufacture – Siberian Larch, its resources in Russia are as big as 60 billion cubic meters, annual logging level – 3 million cubic meters (with a 30 million cubic meters potential). Woodwaste required for taxifolin manufacture is available at the level of 300 000 cubic meters, that allows to produce 3000 tons of taxifolin a year.
Taxifolin is a reference antioxidant, its’ active substance is dihydroquercetin – 3,3’,4’,5,7’-pentahydroxiflavanon – flavanoid of P-vitamin antioxidant group, it was researched and patented by Russian scientists and extracted by unique technology without use of any chemical reagents. Its antiradical activity shows at concentration approximately 0,0001 - 0,00001 % at complete absence of mutagen activity for the person. This substance is extracted out of larch wood (Larix Sibirica L and Larix Daurica T). A lot of antioxidants with different features are known at present moment, but taxifolin is the most powerful natural substance, so required for human organism. Taxifolin is a white with yellow crystal powder, spectral analyses of which approves high level of its purity.

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Last update of this entry: November 01, 2004

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