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7 May 1997
Wilms Tumor

Dear Colleagues:

I am a clinician at the Department of Paediatrics, Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia and a researcher at the Division of Molecular Pathology, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am interested to know:

1) What is the risk of Wilm's tumour in patients withisolated aniridia (with normal chromosomes at 400 band resolution)?
2) What is/are the molecular genetic abnormality in such a condition?
3) Is the AN2 gene involved in most of these cases?
4) Would trying to look for deletions at the WAGR locus particularly the AN2 locus and defining the extent of deletions at molecular level (eg. by looking for loss of heterozygosity of microsatellites) be useful?
5) Are there articles in this area?


Dr. Alan Khoo
Division of Molecular Pathology
Institute for Medical Research
Jalan Pahang
50588 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fax: +60-3-2938306