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7 November 1997
Difficult prenatal US

Dear colleagues,

We need help in counseling a family in which a fetus was found to have renal findings which we find difficult to interpret. The mother is a 30 year old G1 and had an US study at 22.3 weeks of gestation. Relative oligohydramnios (AFI 9, normal >12), and large hyperechogenic kidneys were visualized (renal circumference 80 mm, expected: 54 mm; renal length 35 mm, expected: 25 mm). No renal, liver, pancreas or brain cysts were found and no other malformations were seen. Triple screen was normal. The parents have a common ancestry, but are not related. The parents have normal kidneys (US) and there is no family history of kidney disease. Screening for Tay Sachs, CF and FRAX was normal. Chromosomes were not studied.

Please reply to Moshe Frydman MD

Moshe Frydman MD
Genetics institute
Sheba Medical Center
Tel Hashomer, Israel
Fax 972-3-5302914