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Chromosomal translocations/reply addendum

Date sent: 3-JAN-1996 09:05:04
> >Where can I find a catalogue of described chromosome translocations?
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(largely contributed by Martin Kennedy)
For cancer the definitive source is Mitelman's (4th ed - though may be a more recent edition) "Catalog of chromosome aberrations in cancer", 1991, Wiley Liss ISBN 0-471-56087-1
The hard-copy Human Gene Mapping publications have tables of translocations; the last one we have is HGM 11 (1991). Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 58:1-2200. I think there may have been one more book publication, but I believe that the electronic version (GDB - see below) is now the exclusive repository of this information.
Also a review on CT was published in Nature, 372, 143-149, 1994.
Alternatively, try the following online sources:


The Chromosome Abnormality Database (CAD) stores records of human chromosome abnormalities, and can be freely searched. Established in early 1991, the CAD contains records of acquired and constitutional chromosome abnormalities from cytogenetics laboratories throughout the United Kingdom. The database includes information on the availability of cell lines and other stored material.
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GDB (Genome Database)

A comprehensive, fully searchable repository of human gene mapping information, cross referenced to other relevant databases including OMIM and the Genome Sequence Data Bank. May be worth searching for info on specific translocations.
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OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man)

Subtitled "A catalog of human genes and genetic disorders", this is the electronic form of Victor McKusick's extraordinary compilation, Mendelian Inheritance in Man (McKusick, 1994; Pearson et al., 1994). It contains a wealth of data on human genetic traits and inheritance patterns, and each disease entry consists of a comprehensive literature review with full cross referencing to other relevant databases.
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