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3 September 1997
MELAS primer

Hello Folks,

This post is an open invitation to doctors, medical facilities, and support organizations working with mitochondrial myopathies and related disorders.
The next volume of the "MELAS Primer 1997" is in the editing stage. It's a Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF file available at the "Downloads" page at the MELAS Online Network's website at:
This is an opportunity to have your contact information made available world-wide in a Internet-ready publication that is specifically oriented to provide information in layman's terms about the MELAS Syndrome and other related disorders. The Primer contains a list of facilities that treat mitochondrial disorders, and it needs to be expanded to include more US domestic and international contacts. We were recently made very aware of the scarcity of facilities in some parts of Europe, and of the former Soviet Union, and in parts of the Third World, and would especially like to include the contact information of facilities in these parts of the world.
The Primer PDF file has printing permission for situations where an individual may not have Internet access, but would be able to obtain a hardcopy from some one who does. The Primer is current available in the English language only.
Please feel free to download the current volume, and review it to see if you would be interested in having your contact info added to the next volume. It is viewable on any platform or operating system simply by downloading the appropriate version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.1 (also available via a link at the "Downloads" page).
The information that you provide would need to include the following:

  1. Facility/Organization Name
  2. Website Address (if available)
  3. Phone number(s)
  4. Postal Address, & Actual Location Address (if different from postal address)
  5. A statement identifying yourself and your position within your facility/organization, and stating permission to use your facility/organization's information in the Primer.

Very sincerely yours,

Mike Jackson

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