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28 March 1997
Monostotic fibrous dysplasia

I am looking for a laboratory able to perform a mutation analysis of the G-protein involved in the pathogenesis of Albright syndrome, McCune-Albright syndrome and monostotic fibrous dysplasia. The patient with fibrous dysplasia ("Jaffe-Lichtenstein") that I am caring for lives in Munich, Germany, and would be interested to be informed about the likelihood of transmission to offspring. There is a rib biopsy sample (probably paraffin-embedded) available and blood samples can also be provided. A laboratory close to Munich would appear most suitable.

Dr. A. Danek
University Department of Neurology
Klinikum Grosshadern
Postfach 701260
D-81366 Munchen
Tel. xx49/(0)89/7095-2824, Fax 089/7004418