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25 January 1998
Familial dissecting aneurysm 

Dear colleagues,

Our patient, 32-year old male, has multiple dissecting aneurysms affecting common hepatic, renal, mesentric, iliac and splenic arteries. Histological examination of specimens obtained at surgery revealed a loss of elastic fibers and deposition of muchopolysaccharide-like material in the media, suggesting medionecrosis as a cause of dissecting aneurysm. He has no history of systemic hypertension. Marfan syndrome had been ruled out based on his clinical manifestations. His mother and aunt both died from rupture of aortic aneurysm at 49 years of age. This implies a genetic background underlying the disease. Any information would be greatlly appreciated regarding this type of "familial dissectin aneurysm".

Yoshihisa Nojima, M.D.
Third Department of Internal Medicine
Gunma University School of Medicine
3-39-15 Shouwa, Maebashi, Gunma 371, Japan
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