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24 August 1997
Noonan syndrome

Dear editors,

re: Association between Noonan syndrome and multiple cutaneous granular cell myoblastoma (Abrikosoff tumor).

Some time ago, a boy with Noonan syndrome was referred to us. Recently, at age of six years, he develops multiple skin tumors. On histophathologic examination, all of them were diagnosed as cutaneous granular cell myoblastomas (Abrikosoff tumors). Lymphocyte chromosomes are normal. As the tumors were small, it was not possible to obtain viable or fresh frozen tumor material.

Does anyone know about an association of Noonan syndrome and multiple Abrikosoff tumors?

Dr. Dietmar Lohmann
Institut fuer Humangenetik
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D-45122 Essen, Germany FAX (49)201-723 5900