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sterility/ 45 XY, t(10,14)

Hi My name is Rita and I work for a cytogenetics lab in Nice, France. Recently, we came across a rather puzzling case: We performed a blood karyotype for a male presenting sterility (oligoasthenospermia), and it came out: 45 XY, t(10,14), where there seems to be a fusion between the two chromosomes, 10qter-14cen. C- banding revealed the presence of both centromeres on the translocated chromosome, and there is no noticeable loss of genetic material apart from the short arms of the 14. We haven't found any reference to such a translocation in the available literature, and we will gladly welcome any information regarding this condition, phenotype and bibliographic references. Thank you

Rita Attias
Service de Cytogenetique/LABS