HUM-MOLGEN DIAGnostics/Clinical Research


Familial Neuroblastoma Linkage Project

We are interested in the molecular genetics of familial neuroblastoma and have an IRB approved protocol for specimen procurement and linkage analysis.

We would appreciate being notified of any patients/families that meet any of the following criteria and whom might be interested in providing a blood sample (archival tumor specimens useful also):

1. Proband with one or more first degree relative with neuroblastoma, ganglioneuroblastoma or ganglioneuroma.

2. Proband affected with and/or with one or more first degree relative with Hirschsprung disease or hypoventilation syndrome.

3. Neuroblastoma patients with any other co-morbid condition (congenital malformations, mental retardation, etc.).

We will be happy to provide additional information. Furthermore, we will send copies of consent and specimen procurement forms at your request.

Thank you.

John M. Maris,
MD The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
fax: 215-590-3770
voice: 215 590-5242