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DIAGnostics - Clinical research
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DIAGnostics - clinical research

This section contains requests from researchers or patients regarding: collaborative studies, shipment of samples, list of laboratories performing certain molecular tests, general information on diseases / treatments: 

DIAGnostics - Clinical Research (professional requests) - Search

DIAGnostics - Clinical Research (patient requests) - Search

archive (1997/98/99)


Patient requests (until August 20, 1999)

Professional requests (until September 1, 1999)

Non Cancer-related   

Patient requests (until August 20, 1999)

Professional requests (until September 1, 1999)

archive (1996)

Patient and professional requests

For submissions send e-mail  including full name, institutional address and purpose and DIAG within the subject line to HUM-MOLGEN@nic.surfnet.nl or use our WebForm:

DIAGnostics - Clinical Research (professional requests)

DIAGnostics - Clinical Research (patient requests)

Patients requests are doubly moderated; thus the reply must go through HMGN editorial board. 


Editors note 

HMGN has seen a significant increase over the past 3 months in the number of requests originating from patients (usually referred as PT.REQ.). While we continue to be open to such requests, this list is not a patient list or a patient support network, rather it constitutes primarily a network for researchers and physicians. It is our consensus that PT.REQ. have not to exceed 20-30% of total requests; therefore only those PT.REQ. judged to have a sufficient scientific content will be posted. Our editors will try to reply directly to the other PT.REQ. by indicating additional, proper sites, and/or providing information directly.  

With best regards.  

Carlo Gambacorti, MD, Editor, 
Human Molecular Genetics Network 
Diagnostics/Clinical Research Section 

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