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September to December 1997





19/Dec/1997 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: newsroom@englemed.demon.co.uk
Front Page
You can catch up with the latest health and medical news at Englemed, an independent on-line at-a-glance news service emanating from the UK. Stories are linked to source where possible and there's a subscription service making it possible to have news e-mailed to you weekly.

15/Dec/1997 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: paolo@ist.unige.it

Mercurio is a new mailing list devoted to distribution of messages
related to events (seminars, workshops, conferences, etc...) that
will be held at the Congress Center of the Advanced Biotechnology
Center of Genoa (Italy).
Mercurio is in Italian, and is mainly of interest to Italian people,
but international events are as well announced and can be of interest
to other researchers.
The Congress Center also delivers some of the events via RealAudio.
These events can then be attended from abroad. Test your link with
the Advanced Biotechnology Centre by means of the purposely inserted

5/Dec/1997 | WWW Home Page

Workshops on Complete cDNA Sequencing

In the fall of 1996, several research teams worldwide announced plans for complete sequencing of cDNAs, the sturdy representatives of the cell's fragile messenger RNAs (mRNAs) for gene expression.

The following spring, a series of international cDNA workshops began. Building on the Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genome Expression (I.M.A.G.E.) consortium, the workshops' objectives are to extend the infrastructure I.M.A.G.E. has provided since 1994 to the challenges of complete cDNA sequencing. Reports from the workshops are listed below.

  • WCCS I: May 19, 1997, Gaithersburg, MD
  • WCCS II: September 15, 1997, Hilton Head, SC
  • WCCS III: May, 1998.

For more information, contact: LaDeana Hiller, lhiller@watson.wustl.edu.

4/Dec/1997 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: webdoctor@ivanhoe.com


Greetings from the Medical Breakthroughs world wide web site at http://www.ivanhoe.com. This site highlights groundbreaking reports each week on lifesaving discoveries in the world of medicine. It offers video clips, a keyword search of subjects, special topics like Woman To Woman and Dr.'s Q&A, a free e-mail bulletin listing topics-to-come, and an archive of hundreds of medical news reports in 13 categories from Sports Medicine and Diabetes to Heart and Cancer.

For the latest lifesaving discoveries, stop by Medical Breakthroughs!

20/Nov/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: dellaire@odyssee.net


November 19th, 1997

The Experimental Medicine Job Listing (EMJL) will be reviewed by Science's
Next Wave
, an electronic publication of Science. The review will appear
in the 'Site Review' section for a week, starting this Friday November 21st, 1997, and will
continue to appear in the 'signposts' section for many months to come. Charles Boulakia,Canada Editor of Science's Next Wave, chose EMJL for the next site review which is part of an on going series of reviews of the best science sites on the Internet.

Charles Boulakia when asked why EMJL was chosen replied, "I was very impressed by both the quantity and the quality of the information on your site. Keep up the good work!".

EMJL has been a broad initiative of several departments at McGill University, including: the Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine; the Faculty of Medicine; and Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Job vacancies are listed for positions ranging from chair and faculty positions to openings for Ph.D. candidates and post doctoral studies. As well, extensive links to fellowship information and other career resources are provided.

Originally designed to aid both McGill faculty and students in filling and finding job vacancies, EMJL has grown into an internationally known web site which, since inception, has received almost half a million visits and successfully filled over 150 job vacancies. Jobs are now listed for positions across North America, Europe and Asia.

The Experimental Medicine Job Listing has also been recognized by the National Institutes of Health and is currently the official Job Listing of the Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biologists.

For further information please visit EMJL or contact Graham Dellaire the creator and current webmaster.

21/Oct/1997 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: ksh@WORLD.STD.COM


New WWW site

We would like to announce a new web site regarding hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The site is currently directed at the patient, but we hope to expand to a professional directed page as well.

The page contains a slide set that can be downloaded into PowerPoint.

If you have suggestions as to how the page could be improved, please let us know.

Thank you

Kevin S. Hughes, M.D.
Constance A. Roche, M.S.N.

21/Oct/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: prink@MAIL.BCPL.LIB.MD.US


Hearing, Seeing, and Smelling the World

A colorful, animated website, with articles and illustrations, entitled "Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World: New Findings Help Scientists Make Sense of Our Senses." Contents include: Stunning visual illusions. How we see colors. Discovering a "deafness" gene. A view of brain scans that spy on the senses. The mystery of smell. New evidence of specialized cells in the nose that receive sexual information.

It is an educational resource valuable to biology and science teachers, as well as being interesting and informative for the general public.

20/Oct/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: eddyjake@sciweb.com

SciWeb, The Life Science Home Page (http://www.sciweb.com)

now offers one of the most comprehensive News Updates in the Life Sciences on the Web for Daily Delivery to your E-mail box. Check our site for details and a sample listing (http://www.sciweb.com/intro_news.html).


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