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May to August 1997





18/Aug/1997 | WWW Home Page | E-mail: J.Benedictus@w-projects.net


The setup of an European internetsite on Ethical Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) of biotechnology.

Wageningen Projects, a dutch consultant in the field of Internet and Agribusiness, is taking up the initiative of preparing
the realisation of an Internet site aimed to concentrate European research, discussion and policy on the Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) of biotechnology.

Companies, persons and companies interested to join this Concerted Action are invited to visit the info-site at the above URL and make themselves known Email or response-form.

2/Aug/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: dellaire@odyssee.net


EMJL is an non-profit international job listing developed and maintained by the Division of Experimental Medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  • THE LARGEST ACADEMIC JOB LISTING IN CANADA and is the official job listing of the Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology.

  • Ph.D., Post-Doc and Faculty Positions
  • A large collection of Career Resources
  • A comprehensive list of meta-indexes and other job listings for academia

  • Job listings for INTERNATIONAL POSITIONS from Australia to Europe and the United States.
  • An easy form based listing system
  • Regular updates and a 48 hour turn around on your job listing
  • Simply one of the best ways to post your job vacancy


Visit EMJL today, maybe you will find exactly the job or the person you are looking for!

26/Jul/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: pmurf@ix.netcom.com

Announcing "Human Genetic Disease: A Layman's Approach,"

a new area of the "Rare Genetic Diseases In Children" website. Written by Dr. Kelley Moremen, of the University of Georgia's Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, it is detailed explanation of inheritance directed to those affected by Lysosomal Storage Diseases. However, it will prove valuable and educational for those affected by other genetic diseases, as well. This online manual was written with the assistance of Dr. Dag Malm, of the University of Tromso in Norway. Please visit and send us your comments/suggestions.

20/Jul/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: lvrebhan@bioinfo.weizmann.ac.il

Information about apolipoprotein E may be found on the Web review about this protein in    HotMolecBase   at the Weizmann Institute. This protein is especially interesting for those trying to understand the biological basis of disease because it seems to play a major role in some common disorders that include


  • Alzheimer's disease (sporadic and late-onset familiar)
  • other types of dementia
  • disorders of cholesterol metabolism
  • coronary heart disease

Anybody who thinks that some particular information should be included/omitted should contact me.
In general, you will find similar new additions to our Web server at this URL: http://bioinfo.weizmann.ac.il/news.html

15/Jul/1997 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: eurocat@ihe.be


just opened a website at the address http://www.ihe.be:eurocat/        EUROCAT is a program supported by the EC for the epidemiologic surveillance of congenital anomalies. A total of 4,350,000 births per year are surveyed. The website includes informations on the programme and data on the prevalence of the major malformations in Europe.

10/Jun/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: ellen@cursci.co.uk

BioMedNet adds free Evaluated MEDLINE  

* 8.5 million abstracts from 8,000 journals, expert evaluations, links to full text articles, and the most sophisticated search and retrieval system, all available to BioMedNet's 75,000 members
BioMedNet today announced the debut of its Evaluated MEDLINE - the most powerful version of the National Library of Medicine's biological and medical abstract database. All biologists and clinicians can access Evaluated MEDLINE for free just by joining BioMedNet. Availability of this facility has been aided by R&D Systems.

Unique features of Evaluated MEDLINE include:
* links from MEDLINE records to the full text of articles in the BioMedNet library
* authoritative reviews which cite the article in question
* expert evaluations of these cited MEDLINE records
* browseable tables of contents for all 8,000+ journals
* a hierarchy of MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) terms, and much more

BioMedNet membership is free and also gives access to a full text library, job exchange, online bookshops, and a host of other resources. The library contains journals from many different publishers, with free access to all abstracts.
Since its launch last year more than 75,000 researchers have joined BioMedNet, and membership is growing by 3,000 every week.

* Try Evaluated MEDLINE at http://biomednet.com/db/medline
* Contact Ellen Spernagel (ellen@cursci.co.uk) or Barbara Sullivan (barbara@ny.cursci.com) for more information

29/May/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: tem6h@avery.med.virginia.edu

The American Board of Clinical Chemistry (ABCC) is considering developing an examination to certify persons capable of directing molecular diagnostic laboratories. Persons interested in taking such an examination can respond to the ABCC's inquiry by participating in an informal survey posted on the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's home page, http://www.aacc.org. Alternatively, inquiries can be sent to Theodore E. Mifflin, Ph.D., DABCC (tem6h@avery.med.virginia.edu) who chairs a task force for ABCC on this topic. Unless otherwise requested, all responses will be kept confidential.

26/May/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: tdilling@justdoit.dccs.upenn.edu

A Congressional decision on cancer research funding is imminent

Make your feelings known using OncoLink's automatic letter generator to contact your state representative:


The U.S. House of Representatives is currently debating a bill that will affect the funding for the National Cancer Institute. This bill, the 1997/98 Bypass Budget, has been submitted by Dr. Richard Klausner, the NCI's Director. If passed, it will provide the level of funding needed for the NCI to fulfill its mission. A summary of the proposed Bypass Budget may be found at: http://www.nci.nih.gov/admin/fmb/bypass.htm

Tom Dilling
Production Editor, OncoLink

25/May/1997 | WWW Home Page





National Cancer Institute
National Human Genome Research Institute

A directory of genetic counselors, physicians, geneticists, and nurses who have expertise in counseling about familial risk for cancer and testing for genetic susceptibility is available on CancerNet(tm). CancerNet is an online cancer information service developed and maintained by the National Cancer Institute's International Cancer Information Center (ICIC). The Internet URL for CancerNet is: http://cancernet.nci.nih.gov.

"The directory will help health care professionals who are increasingly in need of locating qualified cancer counseling and testing referral resources for their patients," said Susan Molloy Hubbard, R.N., M.P.A., ICIC director. "There is widespread agreement among health care providers," added genetic counselor June Peters, M.S., "that individuals who are considering genetic testing for cancer susceptibility should receive education and counseling so that they may fully understand the appropriateness and implications of these tests." Peters, who helped develop the directory, is with the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute.

The Family Cancer Risk Counseling and Genetic Testing Directory is for use for persons who have a family history of cancer or other risk factors that may indicate heritable cancers. The directory is searchable by name, city, state, country, and type of cancer or cancer gene. The resource provides information on the degrees, institutional affiliation, professional licenses, and certification of the counselors. It also specifies the gene or disease sites for which the health care professional provides counseling and gives the context in which service is provided. For example, it explains whether the counseling is designed to answer specific scientific
questions in cancer genetics and whether there is a fee for clinical services.

More than 200 health professionals are currently listed in the directory. To be eligible for listing, applicants must be in an oncology or genetics profession; licensed, certified or eligible for board certification in their profession; a member of a recognized health profession organization; and willing to accept referrals. Listing in the directory, however, does not constitute an endorsement by NCI. Initially, four professional organizations queried their membership to identify qualified candidates: the National Society of Genetic Counselors, Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors, Oncology Nursing Society, and the International Society of Nurses in Genetics.

All information on CancerNet is continually reviewed and revised by oncology experts and will be updated annually. The directory is located in the Health Professionals section of CancerNet, under Cancer Genetics. Qualified health care professionals who wish to be added to the directory may send an e-mail query to genetics@icic.nci.nih.gov, or fax a request to the Genetic Counseling Directory at (301) 402-6728.

14/May/1997  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: lvrebhan@bioinfo.weizmann.ac.il

You are interested in Bioinformatics, but you don't know how to stay up-to-date about new resources on the Web?

Have a look at our new Web interface for the BioNews list.


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