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January to April 1998





12/Mar/1998 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: webmaster@landesslezak.com

Continuing Medical Education resources (audio, video and cd-rom formats),
some of the education you can receive cme credit for (Category 1 & 2),
the site is CME Unlimited:

27/Feb/1998  | WWW Home Page | E-mail: tab@ist.unige.it

A new version of HyperCLDB was set up and is available at the below URL.
HyperCLDB is devoted to information on availability of human and animal cell
lines within European collections and laboratories. Among the others are:
- European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures - ECACC (818 cell lines, UK),
- German Collection of Cell Cultures - DSMZ (265 lines, DE),
- German Cancer Research Center - DKFZ (267 lines, DE),
- Russian Cell Culture Collections (526 lines, RU)
HyperCLDB includes:
- 2836 human cell lines and 1002 animal cell lines from 84 different species,
- 1722 lines for studies on 300 pathologies, 983 tumor lines from 156 tumors
- links to the OnLine Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) records,
- 616 normal cell lines and 253 transformed cell lines
- revised search engine and updated graphics.

20/Feb/1998 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: pmurf@ix.netcom.com


New URL for National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association:

The website address for NTSAD [National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association] has changed slightly to:
NTSAD is a nonprofit voluntary health agency working to defeat Tay-Sachs and over forty fatal degenerative disorders through programs of research, education and prevention.
Our website has detailed information of interest to families and others who are involved with children affected by one of the Allied Diseases.

20/Feb/1998 |  WWW Home Page | E-mail: pmurf@ix.netcom.com

Announcing a new URL and facelift for Rare Genetic Diseases In Children: An Internet Resource Gateway. The site has a new look and features a Medical Notice Forum on the Gateway Kiosk Message Board. This forum is specifically designed for the professional community to post notices and discussions relating to genetic diseases affecting children. The URL for the Medical Notice Forum is http://mcrcr2.med.nyu.edu/murphp01/medforum.htm
Messages should be sent to RGeneticD2@aol.com
The new URL for the RGDC homepage is:
We'd also like to remind everyone that our site features a comprehensive Resource Directory, an area devoted to the Lysosomal Storage Diseases and an online layman's guide to genetic disease: "Human Genetic Disease: A Layman's Approach," written by Dr. Kelley Moremen (Univ of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center) and Dr. Dag Malm (University of Tromso, Norway). Please visit our homepage for a full index of our site.
Thank you.


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