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news archive November 2004

your information resource in human molecular genetics
2004-11-23 2004-11-09
  • Nicotine Improves Survival In Sepsis
    Research shows that acetylcholine is a physiological inhibitor of inflammation and suggest that molecules related to nicotine might be useful for the treatment of sepsis.
  • Genetic Signature Of Female Promiscuity
    First study to correlate mating behavior across a range of diverse species to changes in the sequence of a gene involved in reproduction.
  • Human genome variation and 'race'
    A special issue of the journal Nature Genetics, "Genetics for the Human Race", presents a comprehensive survey of what we currently know about the science of human genetic variation.
  • Enzyme Baf60c Required For Heart Formation
    Identification of a new molecule that regulates embryonic heart and muscle development in mice may suggest a new way that genes are controlled during organ formation, and provide a clue to how birth defects occur in humans.
  • Reproductive Biology, Where Next?
    A special section in the 04 Nov 2004 issue of Nature tackles some of the most pressing questions in the field of reproductive biology.
  • Recycling Nutrients Helps Babies Survive Birth
    Studying newborn mice, scientists show that a cellular process called autophagy ramps up immediately after birth and remains high for several hours, to help them survive the sudden and severe starvation period experienced right after birth.
  • A Guide To Vascular Development
    Researchers explain for the first time how the cell-surface receptor UNC5B guides blood vessel development.
  • Crypto Genome Decoded
    Study reveals the genome of Cryptosporidium hominis, a common water-borne parasite that triggers diarrhoea and is sometimes fatal.

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