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news archive September 2007

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2007-09-27 2007-09-20
  • Serotonin And The Brain
    Serotonin is used faster in the winter by people suffering from seasonal depression when compared with a control group.
  • The Political Brain
    People with a more liberal outlook may have a greater sensitivity to cues signalling the need to change a habitual response.
  • Many Targets -- One Tube
    Paper presents a strategy to increase the number of targets that are amplified in one PCR reaction.
  • Delicate And Dynamic Immunological Equilibrium
    Immune cells patrolling the microbe-rich intestine are able to 'tolerate' harmless microorganisms, while attacking and eliminating potentially dangerous pathogens.
  • Dialling Up Damage Responders
    Certain cells of the immune system more readily tolerate damage to their genes than do other cells.
  • Stem Cells Have Nervous Impulses
    Blood stem cells become activated in response to signals released by nerve cells.
  • Muscle Metabolism And Human Evolution
    A variant of a gene associated with elite athletic performance has been subject to strong, recent positive selection in humans.
  • Diet Shapes The Human Genome
    Human populations that have high starch diets have an increase in the number of copies of a gene whose product breaks down starch.
  • Watching Protein-Cutting Enzymes In Action
    The activity of proteases -- enzymes that cut other proteins and are important in diseases such as AIDS and cancer -- can be imaged in living animals with 'smart probes.'
  • A Rose By Any Other Gene
    Genetic variation in just one single odorant receptor can affect an individual's experience of smells, as well as their sensitivity to them.
  • SYNERGY Sheds Light On Gene Evolution
    A new method that maps the detailed evolutionary history of gene duplication and loss is revealed.
  • Clue To HIV Vaccine Success
    Scientists report that the protective effect of a neutralizing human antibody is not only due to the antibody's neutralizing activity, but also to antiviral responses due to the antibody's ability to bind to Fc receptors on effector cells.
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