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news archive May 2008

your information resource in human molecular genetics
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  • A Rogue Neighbourhood
    Gene expression changes in the tissue microenvironment in which a tumour arises can be used to predict outcome in patients with breast cancer.
  • Focus On Natural Killer Cells
    A series of articles explore the behaviour of the enigmatic lymphocytes (natural killer - NK - cells), and reflect on their transition from outcasts of mainstream immunology to prominent players in innate immunity.
  • Sequencing Sheds Light On The Cancer Genome
    The rearrangement of genomes in people with lung cancer can be identified using an approach called 'massively parallel sequencing.'
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Share Genetic Risk Factors
    Several genetic risk variants are identified for the common inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis.
  • Breast Cancer Risk Variants
    Two common genetic variants on chromosome 5 increase susceptibility to certain types of breast cancer breast cancer.
  • Why We Are All Different
    A paper takes a close look at the larger variations within human DNA and their potential origins and evolutionary history.
  • Test-Tube Recipe Makes Functioning Heart Cells
    A Canadian, US and British research team has successfully grown three types of human heart cells from cultures derived from embryonic stem cells.
  • Sequencing Gets Personal
    Two months and less than $1 million is all it takes to sequence an individual genome.
  • Helping The Immune System
    Researchers identify a protein involved in blood circulation in tumours and demonstrate that deleting it opens up the tumour to the immune system.

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