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news archive May 2004

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  • Blocking Brain Masculinization With Aspirin
    Research paper reports that drugs like aspirin that block the synthesis of testosterone can interfere with brain masculinization and later male sexual behavior in rats.
  • A Placebo Response In The Brain
    Sometimes just pretending to give a drug can alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, as long as the patient believes that the treatment is effective.
  • Prion Proteins In The Human Food Chain
    A new study reports that Prion proteins can be found in the muscles of infected sheep.
  • Antidepressant Takes The Gloom Off Spinal Injury
    The antidepressant rolipram help rats recover from spinal cord injury.
  • Stem Cells Key To Sperm Production
    Researchers report the first discovery of a protein expressed within germline stem cells that allows them to proliferate and renew themselves, a process essential to maintain a supply of sperm.
  • Taming Transposons
    Research shows how retrotransposons might 'fine tune' the genome by modulating the expression of bona fide genes, and also how they might be harnessed to make useful additions to the biotechnological toolkit.
  • Sperm Donations
    Human sperm also provide the female sex cell with paternal messenger RNAs.
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  • The role of cancer-causing mutations in BRCA1
    Two structural studies reveal how such mutations can affect the function of BRCA1, leading to cancer.
  • Insulin factories produced by self replication
    Insulin-producing beta-cells can proliferate by making more of themselves, according to a study, which counters the prevailing hypothesis on beta-cell production, and may aid the development of new treatments for type I diabetes.
  • Genetic trigger for heart attack
    A single base mutation in a key gene may affect an individual's susceptibility to heart attack.
  • DNA computers could control gene expression
    Researchers have made a tiny molecular-scale computer that can analyse biological information in a test tube and respond appropriately.
  • Tracking cancer treatments
    A new way of studying the action of a breast-cancer drug in the body promises to facilitate the design of molecular-targeted therapies.
  • Enhancing incorporation of stem cells
    Research shows that bone marrow stem cells from mice, missing a gene known to inhibit cell division, can overcome the hurdle of inducing efficient repopulation of target tissues by stem cells.
  • New insights into male infertility
    A protein important for defence against pathogens may also be required for sperm maturation, suggesting a possible common basis for some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infertility.

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