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news archive April 2005

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  • Germ Warfare In Cancer
    Article describes how evidence is accumulating to suggest that bacteria that cause persistent infections can directly promote tumour formation.
  • Lose The Addiction, Keep The Reward
    New research suggests a potential way to decrease the appeal of drugs without affecting motivation for normal rewarding activities, such as eating.
  • Regulatory T Cells Checks The Immune System
    The April 2005 issue of Nature Immunology examines the state-of-the-art understanding in the biology of regulatory T cells and how they may directly affect many conditions.
  • Preeclampsia Susceptibility
    A gene associated with susceptibility to preeclampsia is identified, explaining why this condition runs in families.
  • Predicting Stroke Risk In Sickle Cell Anemia
    A new study provides a predictive model that can identify sickle cell anemia (SCA) patients at risk of stroke with greater accuracy and faster than current methods allow, which may be useful as a prognostic test.
  • Wnt Signals Two Ways To A Healthy Gut
    The same signal that ensures that there are cells available to keep your intestine replenished also controls a cell type that is required to defend against bacterial infection.
  • Human Genes Corrected
    Scientists demonstrate a new way to correct disease-causing mutations in human DNA; this could herald an alternative to gene therapy.
  • Single Gene Prevents Cartilage Destruction
    Two research groups have shown that shutting down a single gene can prevent cartilage destruction in a mouse model.
  • New Structural Insights Into RNA Interference
    The structural features important for silencing target genes by an RNA-induced silencing complex are reported for the first time by two research groups.
  • DNA Repair Enzyme Caught In The Act
    Researchers report the chemical structure of an enzyme vital for repairing routine damage to our DNA that is caused by oxidative damage.
  • New Insights Into Breast Cancer Predisposition
    Mutations in the BRCA2 gene can inhibit the functioning of a mechanism that regulates the activity of the protein encoded by this gene.
  • Cause Of Blood Disorder Found
    The cause of polycythaemia vera, a blood cell disease linked to leukaemia, is revealed.
  • HIV's Early Victims Revealed
    Two papers, published online, shed crucial light on the earliest events in the human body after an HIV infection.
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